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Some applications (including Outlook 2016, iOS and Android email app) do not support Microsoft’s new “modern authentication” protocol. You can use an "app password" instead of your actual password in these situations, which is a specific randomly generated password that will let you log into an application without the multifactor authentication prompt. To create an app password follow the instructions below:

Step 1 - Sign into your Michener Office 365 account at


Step 2 - Go to “My Account”.


Step 3 - Under Security info, click "ADDITIONAL SECURITY VERIFICATION >".


Step 4 - From the "additional security verification" page, select "app passwords."

From here you can delete or create app passwords. Click the “create” button to get an app password.


Step 5 - Enter a name for the app password and click “next”.


Step 6 - Your app password has been generated. You can “copy the password to your clipboard” or click "close".


Step 7 - On your app, enter the app password in the password field. Shown below is iOS as an example.


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