Resetting Your Forgotten Password

NOTE: This process will not work until you've set up password recovery. For instructions on how to do that, see the following article: Setting Up Password Recovery

Step 1: Go to and click the "Can't access your account?" link.


Step 2: On the next page, under User ID enter your Michener email address, and fill in the CAPTCHA image.


Step 3: When you set up your account, you were asked to provide multiple backup methods of contact, such as a phone number or email address for account recovery purposes. You will need to use one or two of these methods to access your account. Choose a verification method and follow the instructions. In the following example, we will verify via text to a mobile phone. Enter the phone number associated with your account, and click "Text".


Step 4: You should receive a text from Microsoft with a six digit number. Enter it in the "Enter your verification code" field and click "Next".


Step 5: If you've verified successfully, you'll now be asked to enter a new password. The password requirements are as follows:

Your password must contain the following:

  • Eight or more characters.
  • A mix of uppercase and lowercase characters.
  • At least one number or symbol.

Your password must not contain the following:

  • Your first, middle or last name.
  • Any of the last five passwords you have used at The Michener Institute.

Once you have entered & confirmed your password, click "Finish".


Step 6: Your password has now been successfully reset.


If you need assistance with this process or are unable to successfully reset your password, please contact the Michener Helpdesk using the contact information in the following article: Contacting the Helpdesk

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