Deleting Cached Addresses from Outlook

When sending emails, you may experience an issue where the email never arrives and no bounce-back is received. This may be an issue with the address your local Outlook client has cached. Follow the instructions below to remove individual entries from your cached address list.

Step 1: Open a New Email in Outlook.

Step 2: In the "To..." field of the email, type the first few letters of the address you would like to delete. The address should appear below in the AutoComplete list, shown below.

Step 3: Click the "X" symbol next to the address you wish to remove, circled in red below.

The address has now been removed. You can now re-enter the recipient's name into the "To..." field and click "Check Names" to grab the fixed address from the Global Address List.

If you have any issues with this process or the issue continues to persist after attempting this resolution, please contact the Michener Helpdesk at x3369 or email

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