Information on Your Accounts

At The Michener Institute, you have three main accounts. Some students may have more depending on the services they have access to, but all on-site students will have these three.


Main Account

Your primary account. This account is used to access core Michener services, like your email, WiFi, MyMichener, and logging onto Michener computers. These credentials are also used for other course-specific services such as LearningSpace. This password automatically expires every 90 days.



This is the second account, and it is used to access our course system, Blackboard. This password does not expire and has no requirements, although we do recommenced you choose a secure password with all of the systems at Michener.



This is your third account (although for most students at Michener it is the first account they get) and is for our Self-Service Registration portal. This is where you register for courses and retrieve transcripts. This password can only be reset using the password reset tool available at, although the helpdesk can walk you through that process.


For assistance with resetting your password for any of the above accounts, please see the following article: Resetting your Passwords.

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