What are your support hours?

Helpdesk Hours: Monday to Friday - 8AM to 5PM

"Buisness As Usual" Support

Support from 8am – 9am is first level troubleshooting & diagnosis. This includes classroom troubleshooting such as projectors, computers.
9am-5pm is senior support for higher level issues such as network, infrastructure, physical hardware.

In the case of a non-immediate resolution e.g. a dead projector, mobile carts are available for use at any time through CASE. If the room is not suitable, a substitute room can be organized by calling reception.

After-Hours Support

Support is limited after hours to the Facilities CSR’s. IT training is minimal and is usually used for help logging in & turning on projectors. 

Special Events & Requested Support

Support staff are available to be on hand for special events, whether it be on-hours, off-hours, on campus or off campus. Staff chosen are dependant on the event & technical requirements. For example, a senior tech is on hand for campus open day, where as a junior tech is on hand for LRC computer exams. 

All requests for this must be approved by the Information Management Director. Please send requests to for review and approval.

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