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  • Before you start the following setup, you will need to have Multi-Factor Authentication enabled & configured. For assistance with that, please follow this guide: MFA Setup
  • Due to a bug in Microsoft's MFA solution, you may receive two authentication requests from MFA when logging in to Remote Desktop using a Mac. For example, two text messages/phone calls/app verification requests. This is normal. Responding to either message/answering either call/tapping "Approve" on both notifications will successfully authenticate you.

Step 1: Download “Microsoft Remote Desktop 10” from the App Store, either by searching or using the following link: Mac App Store - Microsoft Remote Desktop 10

This will require an Apple ID, you’ll need to provide your own. Older versions included with previous versions of Office, as well as the older Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 from the App Store may not work properly to connect and are unsupported.

Step 2: Open “Microsoft Remote Desktop” and you should see the window below. Click the "Add desktop" button in the middle of the window.


Step 3: In the "PC Name" field, enter "".


Step 4: Click the "User Account" dropdown, and choose "Add User Account..."


Step 5: Enter the following information:

Username: Michener\<Your Michener Username>
Password: <Your Michener Password>
Friendly Name: Michener

Then click "Save" to save your user account.


Step 6: Click "Save" again to save your connection.


Step 7: Click the pencil icon on the connection you just created to edit it.


Step 8: In the window that appears, click the "Gateway" dropdown and choose "Add Gateway..."


Step 9: In the "Add Gateway" window, enter the following information:

Server Name:
User Account:
<Choose the user account you saved in step 5>
Friendly Name:

Click Save on the "Add Gateway" window, and Save on the "Edit Desktop" window.


Step 10: Double-click on the "" saved desktop to start your Remote Desktop connection.


Step 11: You will be asked for your Michener account password, please enter it.


Step 12: You will be contacted by the Multi-Factor authentication service on whatever device you chose to set MFA up on. Confirm on your device, and the connection will establish.


Once you've successfully logged on, you should see an environment similar to your Windows desktop at Michener. However, the interface is more similar to Windows 10, and the Office suite is Office 2016. You may notice some interface differences compared to your Michener desktop.

Accessing fileshares and email is done exactly the same way as your local on-site desktop, although you will need to set up your email initially, using the following instructions. 

Step 1: When you log in for the first time, the following window will pop up to help you setup your Outlook profile, click "Next".


Step 2: On the following screen, click "Next:


Step 3: The remote server will automatically fill out the required information, shown below. Click "Next".


Step 4:  Please enter your password one more time and check the “Remember my credentials” box.


Step 5: Once the wizard completes, click "Finish".


Step 6: Outlook should launch, and will load your profile. In a minute or two, the main Outlook window should open and start downloading your mail.



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