Blackberry 10 Email Setup

Step 1: First, tap the “Settings” icon on your homescreen.

Step 2: Now, tap the “Accounts” option in Settings.

Step 3: Tap “Email, Calendar and Contacts”

Step 4: Tap the “Advanced” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: From the list, choose “Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync”

Step 6: Now, provide the account information, which is detailed below.

Description: Michener

Domain: michener

Username: Michener\<your Michener email>   

Email Address: <your Michener email>

Server Address:

Port: Leave as default, should be 443.

Finally, hit next. If all the information was entered correctly, you’re done! If you have any issues with setup, please contact the Helpdesk. 

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