MDM & Apple DEP

What is MDM?

MDM stands for “Mobile Device Management”. This refers to any system that can control and manage mobile devices owned by an organization, allowing for measures such as requiring a passcode or locating a device when lost.

What is Apple DEP?

Apple DEP stands for “Apple Device Enrollment Program”. This is an additional program that Apple offers to organizations for free, allowing them to employ additional controls for devices such as bypassing iCloud activation lock is a user leaves the organization and deploying applications to devices centrally.

What do these programs do?


  • Provides an inventory of devices owned by Michener including information such as IMEI, phone number, serial, etc.
  • Allow for implementation of additional security measures such as a passcode requirement for devices.
  • Enables the organization to remotely lock, wipe or enable lost mode on devices.
  • An MDM solution is a requirement for implementation of Apple DEP.

Apple DEP

  • Apple DEP devices are automatically enrolled in MDM.
  • Prevents device theft & loss by permanently locking devices to the organization.
  • Allows for bypass of iCloud Activation Lock in the event of a user relinquishing their device.
  • Enables the organization to push applications to devices, useful for departmental iPads.

Why is this beneficial?

The combination of MDM & Apple DEP resolve a number of issues with the current ad-hoc device management strategy.

  • If devices were to be lost or stolen, sensitive organizational information could be retrieved from the device. Enforcing a passcode requirement and the ability to remotely wipe devices in the event that they are lost prevents this.
  • If a user leaves the organization without fully unlocking the device and disabling iCloud Activation lock, the device cannot be redeployed to another user. iCloud Activation Bypass prevents this.
  • Detailed inventory management allows IM to pull information such as serial numbers or IMEIs if needed for future device reassignments, as well as providing a clear picture of the quantity & age of mobile devices Michener manages to allow for future planning.
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