Accessing the Coral RIS/PACS from Off-Site

Step 1 – To access the Coral RIS/PACS from off-site, you will need the following:

  1. A computer running Windows 7 or later. Earlier versions of Windows & all versions of macOS are unsupported.
  2. A connection to the Michener VPN that is currently active. For instructions on how to set up the Michener VPN on a Windows machine, please click here.
  3. The Coral Workstation installer. You can download the file here.

Step 2 –  Connect to the Michener VPN.

Step 3 –  Download the Coral Workstation installer. Unzip the download to a local folder (for example, your C: Drive). Right-click the MichSetupFullWrkstn.exe file and choose “Run as administrator”  


Step 4 –  The installer will now automatically complete. Double-click the “Coral Workstation” icon on your desktop to open Coral. See the below instructions to verify your connection.


Verifying the Coral RIS/PACS Full Client

Step 1 – Launch Coral Workstation, log in and ensure that both the Coral PACS and RIS tabs are at the top.


Step 2 – Click on Tools -> Options-> Default Servers and ensure the default PACS server is checked.


Step 3 – Click on DICOM Server and make sure your hostname is your AE Title and port is 104.


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